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Q. I used to insure my vintage motor bike with you until I sold it. I have two Land Rovers 1981 and 1972 up for renewal 5th November. Also two cars 1937 and 1935, insurance some time to run but with a different company. Could you quote for the Land Rovers or could it be advantageous to put them all together.

Cheers Derek Jones

A. On the face of it we would be able to insure all 4 cars on one policy for you. We would need to look at your individual details however to ensure there is no other reason we would not be able to quote our Multi-Classic Car insurance policy.

If you'd liek a quote, you can either gice us a call on 0800 093 2950, of sinply click here to arrange a callback, and we'll give you a call at a time convenient to you.



Q. I have my 1962 e-type roadster insured with Carole Nash with a £75,000 agreed value. I've not increased the valuation for about 4 years but have come to realise that e-type prices have risen significantly and it may be appropriate to revise my agreed value upwards. How do I go about this?

A. A good place to start for this, and any other Agreed Valuation, would be researching into other vehicles of the same make, model, year  and condition as yours. This should help to establish a value that accurately reflects your vehicle in its current state.

After that, give us a call on 0800 093 2950 or you can arrange a Callback and we will see what the best option is for you regarding your insurance, be it just updating the value on your policy or reinsuring the vehicle with another insurer.

It will all depend on how much you want to increase the value get in touch with one of our specialists to see how me might help.

Hopefully this will help you out


Q. I want to buy an old London Cab (1998) for private use. These vehicles are great and can be used for putting the dogs in, shopping, etc. I can't find anyone to insure it!

I'll be will be doing less than 3000 miles a year, any ideas please?

A 1998 Taxi is just a bit too young for a Classic Car insurance policy, coupled with the specialist nature of the vehicle, it may make getting the right insurance for your needs a bit of a task.

However, there are a lot of these around at the moment so cover should be available - a quick Google search may be the best place to start

Best of Luck


Q. I have insured with Carole Nash a Morris Traveller. I'm looking for a second classic. How late a model car can still be classed as a classic? Does the date have to match the 1972 tax exemption year?

A. We can cover most cars as classics up to the age of 15 years old, in some instances we can cover younger vehicles as classics. It is not just the age of the car that is important but also the way it is used, and kept.

Hope this helps


Q. I own a 1959 Austin A95 Westminster, and I'm having trouble with the brakes. I have renewed Master and wheel cylinders, flexi hose adjusters shoes and all the copper lines, and for whatever reason I can't get any pressure on the pedal. Now if you pump the pedal and hold it you have brakes, but then release it and press again it goes back to the floor. All methods of bleeding have been done, pumping the pedal, pressure bleeding, back bleeding and gravity bleeding (new one on me) and still nothing.

Can You Help?

A. If there's no pressure at the pedal and assuming there are no leaks along the lines or at the wheel cylinders, I suspect that the problem lies with the master cylinder, despite it having been replaced recently.

If it is a new-old stock item, the seals are likely to have perished, or perhaps the bore is corroded.

Check also that any joints between the reservoir and the master cylinder are tight, as air can be drawn in.

Another couple of possibilities are that the master cylinder is too small or the shoes have not been correctly adjusted, so when the pedal is depressed once only, insufficient fluid is displaced to fully operate the brakes.

Hope this helps.


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