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Car S.O.S.

Take one cherished car that is in need of a bit of TLC and an owner in need of a helping hand. Then, let classic car enthusiasts Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend loose in a garage full of spare parts and spanners for three weeks. What have you got? Car SOS!

Car SOS gives some very deserving classic car owners the surprise of their life as their cherished motor is secretly whisked away and restored to its former glory and revealed to the unsuspecting owner.

Tune in to Car SOS on Thursday at 8pm on National Geographic Channel (Sky channel 526, Virgin Media channel 230

Episode 1

Fiat Fiasco

The series kicked off on National Geographic Channel with The Fiat Fiasco, which sees Fuzz and Tim set to work on a Fiat 850 spider.

Following his wife's tragic death and a near-fatal car accident, former mechanic Jeremy from Dunstable was left unable to work with a broken back - and unable to restore his classic sky-blue Fiat Spider. Nominated by his girlfriend Debs, can Fuzz and Tim end Jeremy's run of bad luck and give his pride and joy the makeover it deserves?

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Episode 2

Phoenix Jeep


After last week's emotional episode, that saw Jeremy's Fiat 850 spider brought back to life, Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw are back in the garage as they get down and dirty with a classic Jeep that had actually been on active service.

Willy, 84, loved his Jeep so dearly that when it was attacked by arsonists, he tried to save it rather than his home - it was only the fire-fighters that prevented him from rescuing the wartime classic.

To bring this military classic to life and to get Willy away from his Jeep, Sergeant Shaw and Lieutenant Townshend have to think smart. Under the ruse of using the vehicle for a prop in a war-time movie, the duo get to work to make sure that this 4x4 can make it back to the front line.

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Episode 3

Beetle Mania

The series continues with 'Beetle Mania', which sees the boys tasked with restoring 'Boris the Blade', a cherished VW Beetle which may never get on the road again. Until Fuzz and Tim get their hands on him, that is!

Boris was once a beauty, but has nearly bankrupted his owner Nathan and now languishes in the garage. The future wasn't looking bright for Boris the VW Beetle, but can Fuzz and Tim restore him to his former glory?

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Episode 4

Cosworth in Crisis


After restoring Nathan's cherished VW Beetle, 'Boris the Blade', last week, Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend are back with another episode of Car SOS. And this one's a doozy - the boys are working on a once-glamorous 1986 Ford Cosworth that has definitely seen better days and is just crying out for Fuzz and Tim to give it some of their signature TLC.

Brickie Darren Campbell, nominated by his 18-year-old twin sons, is due for a surprise after Fuzz and Time whisk off his Cosworth for some much-needed restoration in their garage.

Once known as one of the classiest cars on the market. After a bout of bad luck with this calamitous car, can Fuzz and Tim use their handiwork to bring some positivity back into Darren's life and reunite him with his charming Cosworth?

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Episode 5

Anglia 105

After another epic edition of Car SOS last week, where brickie Darren Campbell saw his beloved Sierra Cosworth brought back to life, Fuzz and Tim are working on another Ford this week - one that is close to Fuzz's heart.

Our dynamic duo head to the seaside this week to meet the Hutchings family and discover their rather unique family obsession - Ford Anglias. The whole family owns at least one Anglia, except for poor James.

James hasn't had the best of luck with his beloved Anglia. After being ripped off for parts and suffering a blown engine, his sorry Anglia is in dire need of rescue - but can Fuzz and Tim do it?


They've got three weeks and a garage full of tools to bring new life into this classic Ford. But there's a problem. After kitting out this 60s icon with an all-new high-powered engine, lowered suspension and high-tech sound system, Fuzz falls in love with James restored motor. Can our mechanic give up his new creation and, more importantly, will James feel just as much love for his rescued ride?

Find out by tuning in to Car SOS at 8pm on Thursday 7th March on National Geographic Channel (Sky channel 526, Virgin Media channel 230).

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Episode 6

The Rover’s Return


Fresh from another emotional edition of Car SOS, Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw are back on National Geographic for another classic restoration - and this one is a true British icon.

This week, the boys are tasked with restoring a 1972 P6 for Rover fanatic Steve. Steve has long dreamt of getting his car back on the road but, unbeknown to him; his wife Marie has called on the Car SOS boys to resurrect this British classic.

For Fuzz and Tim, this should be a great project. The P6 was the first ever car to be awarded the coveted European Car of the Year in 1964 and featured a number of innovations that were rarely seen on other cars at the time.

However, what they uncover at the garage is a serious of botched jobs that will really pile on the pressure if they are to get the car back to Steve at the same East London bus garage where he first met Marie over 20 years before. Will the extra work leave them stuck or can they make the day just as memorable?

Find out by tuning into National Geographic at 8pm on Thursday 14 March (Sky channel 526, Virgin Media channel 230).

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Episode 7

Stag Party

After last week's frantic and thrilling episode with the Rover P6, Fuzz and Tim are set to work on another British classic this week in the form of the Triumph Stag.

Combining British engineering with Italian styling, the Stag was a true icon of the 70s. With a bellowing V8 under the bonnet and sleek lines, there was no other car to be seen in back in the Stag's heyday - all the more reason for Fuzz and Tim to bring this one back to life!


Our duo head to Portsmouth to breathe some life back into the Stag of an ex-naval diver, whose wife wants to see him driving his much-loved motor once again having seen it relegated to the garage and left to languish.

Tim and Fuzz rescue this vanquished vehicle from underneath a pile ofjunk and make some nifty moderations, including some crafty customised pedals which will allow this ex-serviceman to finally get behind the wheel. When our Stag lover is invited to the Bond exhibition at the National Motor Museum, he's about to find a very familiar looking exhibit.

Tune into Car SOS at 8pm on Thursday 21 March on National Geographic Channel (Sky channel 526, Virgin Media channel 230).

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Episode 8

Gutsy, the Austin Clifton Tourer

Car SOS Ep8

Car SOS continues this week on National Geographic Chanel and Fuzz and Tim really do have their work cut out as they get their hands on a 1921 Austin Clifton Tourer.

This particular vintage Austin is the pride and joy of Ken Wadeson, who has given it the pet name 'Gutsy'. Ken has been nominated by his son Patrick, whose first memories of the Clifton are from sitting on his father's lap and steering the car around a local airfield.

Unfortunately, Patrick's dreams of restoring 'Gutsy' to its former glory have been put on hold and  instead, Ken has to attend classic car shows in the modern family car.

But could all that be about to change, thanks to Patrick, Fuzz and Tim? Patrick believes that deserves  the chance to see Gutsy back on the road but can our duo work their magic? Time spent in the family garage may have taken its toll on the Austin but that won't stop Fuzz trying to restore this classic back to its former glory.

Tune into Car SOS at 8pm on National Geographic Channel on Thursday 28 March (Sky channel 526, Virgin Media 230).

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Episode 9

Ford Zodiac for a 50’s Rocker

Not for the first time this season, Fuzz and Tim find themselves facing a classic Ford that is in desperate need of some TLC.

After overcoming the challenges of an Anglia 105 and a Sierra Cosworth, the Car SOS crew come to the aid of another Ford fan - old rocker Peter Moore.

Peter borrowed £50 from his father-in-law to purchase his Ford Zodiac back in 1968 and realise a boyhood dream. Peter - known as 'Rocky' to his friends thanks to his fighting spirit, love of Rock 'n' Roll and the fact that he once played in a backup band for the Beatles - has been unable to give his pride and joy the care and attention it needs and his dreams of seeing his beloved Zodiac back on the road have been put on hold.


His family have called Fuzz and Tim to help fulfil Peter's dream - can our dynamic duo (with some help from Peter's wife and son), restore this 50's icon to its former glory? Find out on Car SOS at 8pm on National Geographic on Thursday 4 April (Sky channel 526, Virgin Media 230).

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Episode 10

Little Red Rooster

The Car SOS series comes to an end this week but Fuzz and Tim certainly go out with a bang - bringing a true British classic sports car back to life.

The British sports car scene was huge in the 1960s and few cars typified that more than Norfolk's Lotus Elan. This particular model, owned by Tony Webb, certainly has a story to tell and it is down to Fuzz and Tim to get this legend back on the road.

Tony bought the Elan in 2004 and found that it is certainly a car with a colourful history. From South African doctors to racing champions, this is one car that has a very interesting V5!

A number of setbacks have put an end to Tony's dreams of restoring his beloved Elan. Tony has even considered selling his pride and joy - something that his wife Ros couldn't bear to see.

For Fuzz and Tim, this is a fantastic project and a great opportunity to give Tony the best 65th birthday present imaginable. Can the Car SOS crew end the series with another success?

Find out by tuning into National Geographic Channel at 8pm on Thursday 11 April (Sky channel 526, Virgin Media 230).

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